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Sondalo Hospital

The Venue
Sondalo hospital, Sondalo is a large general hospital, previously a TB Sanatorium of 3,000 beds. Presently, the hospital is also functioning as the National Reference Centre for MDR and HIV cases. Sondalo hospital is located on the side of a mountain and is organised as a village. As such, available facilities/services include a shop, restaurant, post office, bank, and church. From the entrance of the hospital grounds it is possible to either walk on the road or from one building to another using elevators and tunnels.


The entire Building number 6(Padiglione 6) has been organised as training centre, and will be the venue for the course. Padiglione 6 is at the exclusive use of the participants during the course:
Class and secretariat. One floor is organised the class room activities, with a near-by room acting as a wardrobe/closet. Nearby on the same floor can also be found toilets, the secretariat, the room for group exercise and the internet rooms.
At the entrance a meeting point is organised, with TV service allowing vision of major international news channels (CNN, BBC, Eurosport, Al-Jazeera, etc).
Internet connections. 6 internet stations are available (with computers) in two rooms plus one in the Secretariat.
Rooms. The rooms are located at the zero and first floor.
All rooms are equipped with 2 beds (but used as single rooms), writing desk, private bathroom with toilet and shower and armchair/wardrobe placed in the anteroom. All rooms are properly heated and hot water is always available. We suggest you provide your own hair-drier, if needed.

Sondalo hospital, Sondalo is located at the extreme north of Italy, bordering Switzerland. If you want to find it on a map you should start looking for Milano, then follow direction north-north-east to Lecco, Sondrio (capital city of the province) and Tirano (town where railway stops). From Tirano there is a main road (Statal road 38) going to Bormio (worldwide famous summer and winter resort where World Skiing Championships are often held) and Stelvio pass. Sondalo is a small village mid-way between Tirano and Bormio. From the hospital Sondalo village (about 2,000 inhabitants) can be reached by walking, takes 20 to 30 minutes. In the village all the necessary services are available.

Sondalo is placed in the mountains, within one of the most beautiful National Parks (Stelvio Park), at 1,200 metres above the sea level. High mountains (4,000 metres) and glaciers surround it.
Placed in a sunny position, in summer the climate is good, with temperatures ranging from a minimum of 20 to 27 Degrees Celsius during the day, rain is also possible. We recommend that participants bring good shoes, an umbrella, a pullover and a water proof jacket. In autumn and springtime the climate may be cool, with temperatures ranging- usually- from a minimum of 3 to 5 Degrees Celsius during the night to a maximum of 15-16 during the day. Rain is possible, snow exceptional before mid December.